Youth Opportunity Center
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  • New Castle, IN, USA
  • $14.50 - $16.00
  • Hourly
  • Full Time
  • Hours: 12p - 8p; Monday - Friday See the following link for benefit information -


More than a beautiful 75 acre campus, and beyond an accredited program or diplomas on office walls, the YOC is about people helping people. Not just in small ways, but in life changing ways. Since the early 90s, the YOC has provided a safe place for troubled children and families. Now, almost two decades later, hundreds of individuals have been helped by the over 450 YOC staff members who dedicate themselves each day to making a difference in a child's life. How does this happen? At the YOC, everyone brings their talents and gifts to the table, whether it's a winning smile, broad shoulders, strong backbone, helping hands or a heart for kids. We all know and believe in the mission of the YOC. And everyone has personally accepted the challenge to help those who are in crisis situations get back on their feet. A difficult task, but it can be accomplished together. Because if we can help save a child, then why couldn't that child save the family, the neighborhood, the community, the world.


*Must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older with a bachelor's degree in one of the human services fields.

Hours: 12p - 8p; Monday - Friday 


• Upstanding citizen in the community
• Must pass a complete Criminal History Background Check
• Valid Driver's License
• Drug Free

Must possess the appropriate character, attitude, and values to be a positive role model for the children in our care.
Must be able to demonstrate awareness of the cultural and socioeconomic differences of our clients as well as values a nurturing family as the ideal environment; a commitment to empowering others to solve their own problems and a conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change; the ability to establish a respectful relationship with persons served to help them gain skills and confidence by maintaining a helping role and appropriately intervening to meet service goals; the ability to set appropriate limits.

Responsibilities: Responsible for the direct supervision and care of the youth assigned to them.
• Knowledge of the youth's locations at all times.
• Assures youth's safety and provides a safe environment.
• Monitors and oversees the youth's behavior.
• Provides fair, consistent, and positive reinforcement for acceptable behaviors.
• Provides redirection, prompts, and a discussion for negative behaviors.
• Monitors youth's behavior and progress and documents on daily progress forms, community service logs, and any other assigned documentation.

Has knowledge of Youth Opportunity Center policies, program rules, and treatment program and implements them on a consistent basis.
• Understands and adheres to personnel policies.
• Understands and adheres to operational policies and program rules.
• Understands and adheres to treatment philosophy and expectations of the behavior modification program.
• Sets a positive example for other staff and youth by adhering to the policies.
Assists the Day Reporting Program Coordinator in the development of monthly progress reports.
• Has a working knowledge of their assigned youth – history, treatment issues, education, strengths, and weaknesses.
• Understands the specific goals for each youth and actively participates in implementation of the youth's program completion plan.
• Demonstrates a willingness to try new techniques and maintains awareness of any special needs of the youth.
• Provides verbal and written feedback to coordinator via daily progress forms, community service logs, educational tracking, and team meetings.
• Implement community service activities, independent living sessions, and groups daily.

Staff will always provide timely and accurate documentation.
• Uses correct spelling and grammar on all reports.
• Ensures appropriate detail and accurate terminology is utilized in all documentation.
• Provides signature on all documentation and writing is legible.
• Follows instructions and completes all the documentation in a timely manner.
• Submits all paperwork to the appropriate personnel.

Provides, monitors and assists youth with education, homework, and independent living skills.
• Constantly monitoring youth's computer activity.
• Assists with homework and other educational assignments and ensures all assignments have been completed thoroughly and accurately.
• Provides a variety of IL activities daily and ensures that all items are available to complete IL activities.
• Documents all IL services and educational services on the daily progress report.
• Communicates with Coordinator regarding any struggles and strengths of school completion as needed.

Provides positive customer service to parents, families, placing agents, school personnel and other identified customers
• Greets all visitors in a friendly, professional manner.
• Communicates with families, placing agents, school personnel, etc. regarding various issues relating to youth in the program.
• Assists with parent orientation meetings, as needed.

Provides appropriate crisis intervention during emergency situations.
• Assures that all the youth are safe.
• Helps keep other youth calm or involved in the daily routine, away from the crisis situation.
• Uses TF-CBT techniques and appropriate behavioral interventions, as needed and appropriate, during a crisis situation. Follows all applicable YOC policies, rules and regulations relating to emergency and safety.
• Provides the appropriate follow-up support to youth and staff (i.e., group discussion session, life space interview, etc.)
• Reports any injuries to the Program Coordinator and seeks medical advice and direction from the nurse, as applicable. Notifies the youth's parent/guardian and placing agent of the incident.
• Completes the appropriate documentation after the incident or crisis has ended.

Assists with transportation of youth to activities, events, field trips, community service activities, etc.
• Has knowledge of the days, times, and location of the events or activities.
• Completes all transportation checklists and documentation.
• Obeys all traffic laws and transportation-related policies while transporting youth.
• Communicates any problems or concerns to the Program Coordinator.

Assists the Coordinator in the development and implementation of the daily schedule, planned activities, and recreation.
• Assures that the posted schedule is implemented consistently and youth remain engaged.
• Identifies problem areas and suggests solutions for the daily schedule and planned activities.
• Helps plan and implement planned activities and recreation.
• Actively participates with the youth during planned activities and recreation.
• Communicates any problems to the Program Coordinator.

Assists in maintaining the cleanliness of the program and ensures compliance with all applicable standards and regulations.
• Sets expectations for the youth on proper cleaning techniques during chores. This includes assisting and/or completing chores to ensure appropriate completion.
• Leaves a clean environment after each shift -- office straightened, no items left out on the floor, trash taken out, and general area clean.

Count and distribute youth's medications (if applicable)
• Maintains awareness of client medications and distribution schedule.
• Counts medications at the beginning and end of each shift.
• Distributes medications to assigned residents as prescribed.
• Documents the distribution of all medications.
• Notifies the parent/guardian when medications are running low and need to be re-filled.
• Documents and notifies the Program Coordinator of any medication errors.

Attend trainings and meetings as required by the Program Coordinator.
• Actively participate in monthly meetings.
• Attend all necessary trainings.
• Provides a feedback on youth and activities at monthly meetings.
• Ensure that all training hours are complete by the end of the year.

Completes all other duties assigned.

Youth Opportunity Center
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